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Core essence of PMS

The core essence of PMS is to build and strengthen the team member’s ‘Connect’ with Angel through

  • Enrolling the team member to Angel’s vision
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Meaningful dialogue
  • Openness to give and receive feedback
  • Compliment achievements
  • Focus on the team member’s growth to enhance performance

The whole focus of PMS is to look for goodness in a person. The onus is on the managers to look for that goodness, identify strengths and try to create a role around strengths rather than getting bogged down with weaknesses. The Performance Management System at Angel has reduced manual intervention to a minimal level. The fully integrated online system uses sophisticated tools such as national and regional stack ranking, performance bands and rank based recommendations. All this is supported through one-on-one interactive feedback & coaching session with team.

Performance credits are received for exceeding expected targets and there are equal opportunities for all employees to earn rewards with no upper limits. Performance credit structures have been worked out differently for various categories of employees.